Second Punic War Battles > Battle of Nola (216 BC)

Battle of Nola (216 BC)

Punic Wars - Punic Wars DecorationFirst Battle of NolaPart of the Second Punic WarBattles second punic war.pngDate216 BCLocationNola, present-day ItalyResultStalemateBelligerentsCarthageRoman RepublicCommanders and leadersHannibalMarcus Claudius Marcellus


The First Battle of Nola was fought in 216 BC between the forces of Hannibal and a Roman force led by Marcus Claudius Marcellus. Hannibal was attempting to seize the town of Nola: He failed, and would make two more unsuccessful attempts on the city in the next two years.

Coordinates: 40.9261°N 14.5275°E

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