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Adherbal of Gades

Punic Wars - Punic Wars Decoration


Adherbal was a Carthaginian noble who served as the governor of Gades during the Second Punic War.[1] He was also a Carthaginian military commander in this war under the command of Mago Barca. He is perhaps best known for his defeat at the Battle of Carteia which was a naval battle that occurred in 206 BC as Adherbal was attempting to flee Carthaginian Hispania. His fleet was defeated near the ancient city of Carteia by Gaius Laelius.[2][3][4]


Primary Sources

Livy, xxviii. 30

Secondary Sources

Fin de la presencia cartaginesa en Hispania, 206 a.C.

Juan Antonio Lacomba i José E. Ferrer Palma, Historia de Andalucía, p.88

Smith, William (1867), "Adherbal (1) and (2)", in Smith, William, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, 1, Boston, p. 19

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