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Hanno, Son of Bomilcar

Punic Wars - Punic Wars Decoration

Hanno, son of Bomilcar, was a Carthaginian military commander known for his role during the Second Punic War. His career is characterized by his service under Hannibal Barca and his involvement in key battles and military operations against Rome.

Early Life and Background

Military Career

Second Punic War (218-201 BCE)

Hanno served as a military commander under Hannibal Barca during the Second Punic War, one of the most significant conflicts between Carthage and Rome.

Key Battles and Campaigns

Battle of the Ticinus (218 BCE)

Battle of the Trebia (218 BCE)

Later Campaigns

Challenges and Setbacks


Hanno, son of Bomilcar, played a vital role in the Carthaginian military efforts during the Second Punic War. His leadership and strategic acumen were essential components of Hannibal's campaigns in Italy, contributing to some of the most significant victories against Rome.


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Lazenby, J. F. (1978). Hannibal's War: A Military History of the Second Punic War. London: Aris and Phillips. ISBN 0-85668-080-X.

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