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Hasdrubal Barca

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Hasdrubal Barca was a significant Carthaginian general and the younger brother of the famous Hannibal Barca. He played crucial roles in the Second Punic War and the defense of Carthaginian interests in Iberia (modern-day Spain). Here is an overview of his life and career:

Early Life and Background

Military Career

Iberian Campaigns

Second Punic War (218-201 BCE)

Battle of the Metaurus (207 BCE)



Hasdrubal Barca remains a key figure in the history of the Second Punic War, known for his determined defense of Carthaginian interests and his valiant but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to support his brother Hannibal in Italy.


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Pride of Carthage, by David Anthony Durham

"The Histories," by Polybius

"The Fortune of Carthage" by William Kelso published 2012. Covers Hasdrubal's 207 BC Metaurus campaign.

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