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First Punic War Generals

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Adherbal, Carthaginian leading admiralAppius Claudius Caudex, Roman consulAulus Atilius Calatinus, Roman dictatorGaius Duilius, Roman consulGaius Lutatius Catulus, Roman consulGnaeus Cornelius Scipio Asina, Roman consulHamilcar Barca, Carthaginian leading generalHannibal Gisco, Carthaginian generalHanno the Great, Carthaginian leading politicianHasdrubal the Fair, Carthaginian generalHiero II, tyrant of SyracuseLucius Caecilius Metellus, Roman consulMarcus Atilius Regulus, Roman consulPublius Claudius Pulcher, Roman consulXanthippus, Spartan mercenary in the service of CarthageHannibal the Rhodian, Carthaginian privateerVodostar, Carthaginian general who disobeyed orders not to plunder after a victory, resulting in the loss of many men and ruining the plan

Carthaginian Generals

See Carthaginian Generals

Adherbal (Admiral)

See Adherbal (Admiral)


See Alexon


See Auraitus

Hamilcar Barca

See Hamilcar Barca

Hannibal Gisco

See Hannibal Gisco

Hamilcar (Drepnum)

See Hamilcar (Drepnum)

Hanno the Great

See Hanno the Great

Hanno (Messana Garrison Commander

See Hanno (Messana Garrison Commander

Hanno (Son of Hannibal)

See Hanno (Son of Hannibal)

Xanthippus of Carthage

See Xanthippus of Carthage

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