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Hanno (Garrison Commander)

Punic Wars - Punic Wars Decoration


Hanno, a Carthaginian commander during the Second Punic War, is known for his role as a garrison commander. His most notable actions occurred during the conflict's later stages, specifically during the Roman siege of Carthage, which culminated in the city's eventual fall in 146 BCE.


Role in the Third Punic War

Defense of Carthage (149-146 BCE)

Key Actions and Contributions

Siege of Carthage

Resistance Efforts

Outcome and Legacy

Fall of Carthage

Historical Perspective


Hanno's role as a garrison commander during the siege of Carthage underscores the determination and bravery of the Carthaginian defenders in their final stand against Rome. His leadership, in coordination with other Carthaginian commanders, contributed to the prolonged resistance that delayed Rome's victory and demonstrated the formidable spirit of Carthage.


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Adrian Goldsworthy, The Fall Of Carthage, Page 67, 71, 72

Ioannes Zonaras, An Epitome Of The Lost Books Of Dio, 11.8-11.9

Polybius, The Histories, 1:11.5

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