Mercenary War Battles > Battle of Utica (240 BC)

Battle of Utica (240 BC)

Punic Wars - Punic Wars Decoration

Battle of Utica


Mercenary Rebels



Military Forces

  • 10,000 Infantry
  • 2,000 Cavalry
  • 50,000 Infantry


  • Minimal Losses
  • 45,000 Dead


The Battle of Utica in 240 BCE was a significant engagement during the Mercenary War (also known as the Truceless War), which erupted after the First Punic War. This conflict involved Carthage and its mutinous mercenary forces, along with rebellious African tribes. The battle took place near the city of Utica, a key location in the region.


Prelude to the Battle

The Battle

  1. Initial Movements: Hamilcar approached Utica with a well-organized Carthaginian army. He aimed to break the rebel siege of the city and reassert Carthaginian control.
  2. Carthaginian Tactics: Hamilcar employed a combination of direct assaults and psychological warfare. He used his knowledge of the terrain and conducted feigned retreats to lure the rebels into disadvantageous positions.
  3. Naval Blockade: The Carthaginian navy played a crucial role by blockading the port of Utica, cutting off supplies and reinforcements to the rebels.

Key Events



The Battle of Utica highlighted the importance of strategic planning, effective use of terrain, and psychological warfare in achieving military success. It was a crucial step in Carthage’s eventual victory in the Mercenary War, which reestablished Carthaginian dominance in the region.

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