Mercenary War Battles > Battle of the Bagradas River (239 BC)

Battle of the Bagradas River (239 BC)

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Battle of Bagradas River


Mercenary Rebels


Military Forces

  • 8,000 Infantry
  • 2,000 Cavalry
  • 70 War Elephants
  • 25,000 Total
  • 15,000 under Spendius at Utica
  • 10,000 near Bagradas River bridge


  • Unknown
  • 6,000 Dead
  • 2,000 Captured


The Battle of the Bagradas River, also known as the Battle of the Macar, occurred in 255 BCE during the First Punic War between the Roman Republic and Carthage. This battle was a significant engagement in which Carthage managed to achieve a decisive victory over the Roman forces.


Prelude to the Battle

The Battle

  1. Location: The battle took place near the Bagradas River (modern-day Medjerda River) in present-day Tunisia.
  2. Carthaginian Forces: Xanthippus reorganized the Carthaginian army, which included a strong contingent of cavalry, war elephants, and infantry.
  3. Roman Forces: The Roman forces under Regulus were primarily infantry, with limited cavalry support.

Key Events



The Battle of the Bagradas River stands as a testament to the tactical ingenuity of Xanthippus and the adaptability of Carthaginian forces. It remains one of the most notable Carthaginian victories during the First Punic War.

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