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Gaius Claudius Nero was a Roman consul who fought in the Battle of the Metaurus (207 BC). He was member of the gens Claudia. He is not to be confused with the Roman Emperor Nero. In 207 BC, the thirteenth year of the war, he was elected consul with Marcus Livius Salinator, and with his colleague he led the army that defeated the Carthaginians at the river Metaurus, killing their commander, Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal.[1]Prior to this he had held subordinate commands which he had conducted with success.[2] Because Hasdrubal was descending on Italy from the north, two additional legions were put into the field at this time. In addition to this, reinforcements were sent from Spain and Sicily, 15,000 in all.[3]The Romans had been aware of Hasdrubal's coming for some time. Although generally considered a good commander by historians, Hasdrubal is often found too slow to act. He had previously defeated the Scipios in Spain in 212 BC and in spite of this, had not left Spain. In addition to this, he left for Italy so late that he was compelled to camp on the Western side of the Alps, a critical mistake, as it would give the Romans plenty of time to prepare for his coming, which they did.[4]He was censor with Marcus Livius Salinator in 204 BC and often quarrelled with him.References[edit]Jump up ^ Creasy, Sir Edward. The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World. New York: The Heritage Press, 1969. Print.


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