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During the Punic Wars, the Celtiberians were a group of Celtic-speaking peoples inhabiting the central and eastern regions of the Iberian Peninsula, primarily in what is now modern-day Spain. They played a significant role in the conflicts between Rome and Carthage, particularly during the Second Punic War. The Celtiberians were initially allies of Rome during the Second Punic War, providing troops and support to the Roman cause against Carthage. Their warriors were known for their fierce fighting spirit and guerrilla warfare tactics, making them valuable allies in the rugged terrain of the Iberian Peninsula.

Carthage, seeking to expand its influence in the Iberian Peninsula, clashed with the Celtiberians and other indigenous peoples in the region. The Celtiberians fiercely resisted Carthaginian incursions into their territory, engaging in frequent skirmishes and battles against Carthaginian forces. Despite their initial alliance with Rome, the Celtiberians later switched sides and allied with Carthage during the Second Punic War. The Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca, recognizing the strategic importance of securing allies in Iberia, formed alliances with various Celtiberian tribes, bolstering his forces against Rome.

Celtiberian warriors fought alongside Carthaginian forces in several engagements against Rome in Iberia. They participated in battles such as the Battle of the Ebro River and the Siege of Saguntum, where they played a crucial role in confronting Roman forces.

Even after the conclusion of the Punic Wars, the Celtiberians continued to resist foreign domination, including Roman rule. Their fierce resistance contributed to the ongoing instability in the Iberian Peninsula and posed challenges to Roman efforts to fully subdue the region. Overall, the Celtiberians played a complex role in the Punic Wars, initially aligning with Rome but later siding with Carthage in their struggle against Roman expansionism. Their fierce resistance and military prowess left a lasting impact on the history of the Iberian Peninsula and the broader Mediterranean world.


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