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Manius Manilius (fl. 148 BC) was a Roman Republican orator and distinguished jurist who also had a long military career. It is unclear if he was related to the Manius Manilius who was degraded by Cato the Censor for embracing his wife in broad daylight in Cato's censorship from 184 BC to 182 BC.Manilius was proconsul of Spain in 155 BC when he led an unsuccessful campaign against the Lusitani. He became consul in 149 BC with a Marcius Censorinus. He unsuccessfully besieged Carthage at the beginning the Third Punic War, and was replaced by Calpurnius Piso in 149 after suffering a heavy defeat at Nepheris, a Carthaginian stronghold south of the city.[1]In Cicero's De oratore, Manilius was depicted as a member of the Scipionic Circle. In the work, Cicero describes Manilius as a "representative of the broad education required of the orator, and of old-fahioned generosity in helping others with his ledgal knowledge".[2][3]Manilius as a jurist[edit]It was apparently the same ex-consul Manius Manilius (or possibly the elder man living some thirty years earlier), who was the author of a collection of formulae for contracts of sale. His works were still read in the classical period, and he was cited by such authors as Varro, Cicero, and Brutus. [1]Notes[edit]Jump up ^ Appian, Punica 102-105Jump up ^ Cicero and the Development of Prudential Practice at Rome, by Robert W. Cape Jr. from Prudence. Ed. Robert Hariman. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2003. - Page 54.Jump up ^ De oratore 3.133


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