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Hasdrubal the Fair

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Hasdrubal the Fair was a prominent Carthaginian general and statesman during the 3rd century BCE. He is best known for his role in expanding Carthaginian influence in Iberia (modern Spain) and for founding the city of New Carthage (Carthago Nova), which became a significant base of Carthaginian power in the region. His diplomatic skills and military leadership were crucial in establishing and maintaining Carthaginian presence in Iberia.

Early Life and Background

Rise to Power

Command in Iberia

Key Achievements

Founding of Carthago Nova

Expansion and Consolidation

Conflict with Rome

Treaty with Rome

Death and Legacy

Historical Perspective

Hasdrubal the Fair's role in Carthaginian history is marked by his diplomatic acumen, strategic foresight, and efforts to expand and consolidate Carthaginian power in Iberia. His legacy is integral to understanding the broader context of the Punic Wars and Carthage's military and political strategies.


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Livy's History of Rome: Book 21.2

Polybius 3.7–16, Livy 21.22.1–4, Livy 23.26.2, Diodorus of Sicily 25.2 :Hasdrubal, son of Hamilcar, was sent by his father-in-law to Carthage against the Numidians, who had rebelled against Carthaginians, killing eight thousand in combat and taking two thousand prisoners. The rest were submitted to tribute.

Diodorus, 25. 10. In the course of his flight Hamilcar contrived to save the lives of his sons and his friends by turning aside on another road; overtaken by the king, he plunged on horseback into a large river and perished in the flood under his steed, but his sons Hannibal and Hasdrubal made their way safely to Akra Leuke.

Livy 21.2.7 He augmented Carthaginian dominion promoting hospitality bonds with lesser kings and leaders, attracting new nations by noblemen friendships, and not by war and weapons.

Polybius 2.13, 2.22

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