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Hanno (Son of Hannibal)

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Hanno, son of Hannibal was a Carthaginian general during the First Punic War. Not much is known about his early life or his military career. He first appears in history during the Siege of Agrigentum where he was leading the relief effort to reinforce Hannibal Gisco. Hanno would direct his troops to Heraclea Minoa and managed to seize the Roman supply base at Herbesos.

Following this, he told his Numidian cavalry to charge at the Romans and then feign a retreat as to trick them into chasing. The Romans did just that and they ended up running directly into the main column of the Carthaginian military.

However, ultimately despite this victory the Romans were able to successfully besiege the city of Agrigentum and capture it. This would force both Hanno and Hannibal Gisco to retreat back to Carthage. Nothing else is known about Hanno, son of Hannibal after this event in the First Punic War.


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