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The Barcids were a prominent family of Carthaginian nobles who played a significant role in the history of Carthage, particularly during the period of the Punic Wars with Rome. The Barcids were descended from the Barca family, which was of noble Phoenician lineage in Carthage. The family rose to prominence during the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE, becoming one of the most influential and powerful factions within Carthaginian politics and society.

The Barcid family's legacy is primarily associated with their military prowess, leadership, and determination in the face of Roman aggression. Despite their ultimate defeat by Rome and the destruction of Carthage, the Barcids left an indelible mark on history through their contributions to Carthaginian military strategy, diplomacy, and statesmanship. In summary, the Barcids were a powerful and influential family in Carthage, known for their military leadership, particularly during the Second Punic War. Led by figures such as Hamilcar, Hannibal, and Hasdrubal, the Barcids played a central role in shaping the course of Carthaginian history and the conflict with Rome.

Family Members

Hamilcar Barca

Hamilcar Barca was one of the most famous members of the Barcid family. He is best known for his military campaigns and efforts to expand Carthaginian territories in the Iberian Peninsula. Hamilcar's conquests in Iberia laid the foundation for Carthaginian power in the region and established a strong foothold for future generations of the Barcid family.

Hasdrubal the Fair

Hasdrubal the Fair, who succeeded Hannibal as commander of Carthaginian forces in Italy.

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca, the son of Hamilcar, is perhaps the most renowned figure of the Barcid family and one of history's greatest military commanders. Hannibal famously led Carthage's campaign against Rome during the Second Punic War (218–201 BCE), famously crossing the Alps with his army and inflicting several major defeats on the Romans, including the Battle of Cannae. Hannibal's military genius and tactical innovations made him a legendary figure in ancient warfare and earned him admiration even from his enemies.

Hasdrubal Barca

Hasdrubal Barca was the brother of Hannibal and served as his lieutenant during the Second Punic War. After Hannibal's departure from Carthage to confront Rome, Hasdrubal assumed command of Carthaginian forces in Iberia and continued the fight against Rome. Hasdrubal's attempts to reinforce Hannibal in Italy ultimately ended in his defeat and death at the Battle of the Metaurus in 207 BCE.

Mago Barca


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